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8 Rug Designs That Are in Style Right Now

8 Rug Designs That Are in Style Right Now

8 Rug Designs That Are in Style Right Now

 posted on Jul 27, 2017 by Rug Zone in Advice
8 Rug Designs That Are in Style Right Now

Rugs are loved for their soft and lasting style. So, if you want to add a sophisticated splash of pattern and colour to your space, you should consider buying for trendy rugs.

Whether you need to complete a modern or rustic decor theme, there are rug designs to help do that. Plus, they complement most floors when used as area rugs or stair runners.

A proper rug is the only way to anchor your room and connect all the elements, such as sofa, table, and artwork. It helps to define your room and adds a touch a comfort where you want it most. You have the choice of picking a design that matches the interior aesthetic of your space.

Well, this post is going to cover some of the designs that are trending. Let's get right into it.

1. Flatweave for Living Room

Flatweave Rugs

If you love rugs with textural depth and rich visual, then ribbed carpets are certainly great options. These rugs feature little ribs throughout, and they have been common in offices.

But now, homeowners are turning to them to give their living rooms a new feel and touch. You can opt for a hand woven rug that has a ribbed design with alternating blocks and bars, which lend a beautiful pattern.

With ribbed options, you don't need to worry about kids or pets removing the fabric. They are completely safe, and some are reversible to help you give your space a new look.

2. Geometric Pattern

Spectrum Multicolour Rug

Gone are the days when hexagonal motifs and chevron stripes were the common patterns for rugs. In their place, geometric patterns seem to have a way with homeowners. They're giving living rooms a whole new taste of style.

If you have lots of accessories in your room, geometric rugs make the best options. Typically, they feature different shapes, such as triangles, squares, ovals or circles. These shapes can be combined creatively to give a solid colour rug a unique look.

Or, the various shapes on the rug can have different contrasting colours to splash your room with varied hues. Plus, they come in various materials, so your options are simply limitless.

3. Soft Carpet for Bedrooms

Montana Shag Rug

For a very long time, soft and comfy rugs have been the favourite options for bedrooms. These rug designs are still holding strong, and there seems to be no viable alternative for them.

If you have a hard floor, then you can accent it with a warm and soft carpet. You don't want to experience the cold feeling of the bare floor every morning when you wake up. Soft rugs have cushioned feel that lends a soothing effect to any bedroom floor.

Those made from wool are the go-to options since they offer a luxurious feel. Go for a cut rug pile when looking for the right choice. Nylon rugs are the most popular and also have a soft feel.

4. Bold Carpet Colours

Noble House Blockbuster Multi Rug

When looking for the rug designs, colour is also an important consideration. The current trends already reveal that. People seem to be adventurous and creative with the use of bold colours, such as red, blue, purple, and orange.

Multicoloured options are the common carpets that are now making a statement in many living rooms. Bold options make the carpet stand out; they are no longer those silent items that tend to easily forgotten.

Vibrant options also work well with bedrooms if you want to add some peace and tranquillity. Colour and pattern can b used together to create a room that is energetic and inviting.

5. Cut and Loop Rugs

Handtufted Cut and loop in Wool

A cut and loop rug is simply a carpet that features both cuts and loops. This combination allows for a wide range of patterns that will give your decor striking aesthetic.

A Victorian rug with patterned cut & loop design is all you need to enhance the appearance of your room. These rugs boast intricate floral designs with stunning borders. If you have a Victorian home, you can expect to enjoy their unique flair.

Morrocan options also come with elegant patterns and multiple colours that complement a range of design schemes. People are using rich rug colour to brighten up neutral window treatments and furnishings.

A white or cream cut & loop rug can be used to complete a modern decor or soften bold colour schemes.

6. Persian

Tribal Persian Rug

More and more people still love the traditional look and feel of their homes. They now depend on Persian patterned rugs to help them get that style. Persian are loved for their regal patterns. Plus, they come in varied hues such as pinks, creams, soft blues to bold reds and golds.

These rugs feature a vintage look that adds a warm and inviting element to your room. Most homeowners are using Persian rugs under dining room and coffee tables. They can also be used to add a touch of colour or contrast to your hard floors.

7. Bohemian

Turkish Design Rugs

Bohemian designs are one of the favourite options when it comes to area rugs. They have artistic patterns and vivid hues that lend a welcome vibrancy to clean interior designs. Plus, you can use them to show off your style, culture and interests.

Also, they come in varied designs such as Ikat, jute, shag, and southwestern rugs. They allow you to add a free-spirited style to your home. They serve as a great landing space for your decor furnishings and large floor cushions.

You'll certainly enjoy this curated vibe that is exotic and beautiful.

8. Morrocan Trellis

Morrocan Style Rugs

People love a sophistical global fair for their rooms, and that exactly what Morrocan trellis rugs are offering. You can find this design in both neutral and bold hues. Due to their playful look, these rugs can be used to complement your kids' room or nursery.

The simplistic nature of Morrocan trellis rugs makes them ideal for any modern living room. The trellis pattern is usually versatile, and it can easily accommodate your decor design options.

Rug Designs - The Takeaway

When choosing a rug, you want to consider the interior design of your room. You should start with the rug designs and then move on to fabrics and colour. Then see how you'll connect your colour scheme, furniture placement, and accessories.

These trendy designs and styles are some options you have if you're looking for a rug. Still, there are numerous options, such as shag, vintage, and transitional, that you can try. It all depends on your styling preferences and interests.

Do you have any question? Feel free to contact us, and we'll be happy to help.

When buying rugs on the Internet you don't have the ability touch and discuss the various qualities and features of the rug. Our blog is there to give you some of the advice and information that you may need before you complete your purchase. Please take you time to digest the information and if you can't find what you are looking for you can always give us a call on 0191 454 1972 during office hours.

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