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Design your own bespoke rugs, UK online dealer, custom made to any size in 100% wool from iwantarug.com

Design your own bespoke rugs, UK online dealer, custom made to any size in 100% wool from iwantarug.com

Bespoke rugs you can custom make to your size and colour

 posted on May 5, 2018 by Rug Zone in News, Information
Bespoke rugs you can custom make to your size and colour
From practical experience, we know that designing and producing a rug from scratch isn’t easy, there are just so many variables of colour, design, size, shape and texture. So, developing a website where customers can design, size and colour their own bespoke rugs was a challenge to say the least. We believe we’ve achieved this by putting ourselves in the customer's shoes and throwing away the rulebook, we’ve literally taken online rug design back to the drawing board. Prepare to be amazed at our new rug website iwantarug.com, the site offers rugs that can be designed and coloured with ease.

Bespoke Rug Collection

Why is iwantarug.com different to competitors websites?

Most bespoke rug suppliers target their wares to architects and interior designers, let's face it, the average customer is either unaware that this service exists, or believes the prices will be exorbitant. We want to give the ordinary person who is looking for unusual sizes, off the wall colours, odd shapes or something really unique, a chance to create something that stands out from the crowd.

We asked ourselves the question, what do customers really want? Simplicity, choice and innovation at realistic prices? Yes, they want that, but they also want to feel in control of the finished rug too. The mindset, the colour set, that feeling from concept to completion. Because this is a unique piece of handmade carpet we believe it’s so important that our clients feel it’s their creation.

Custom rugs you design

We know that finding the right combination of colour and design can be allies, the eye is naturally drawn to attractive and familiar shapes and hues. Finding something visually appealing that you can work with is often better than starting from scratch. For that reason, many of our designs have pre-set pattern and colour banks just waiting for you to add the accent colouration. As with any bespoke product we are happy to tweak these pre-set colours to suit your requirements.

The main difference with iwantarug.com is the client can use the online software to re-colour and resize elements of the rug. The designs can be saved, downloaded and printed. The design app will also give a complete price of the rug delivered to the customer's door.

Our design software is mobile friendly, which means you can colour, style and price on your mobile phone or iPad. The mobile-friendly app also gives busy architects and interior designers the power of suggesting designs and colours to their clients while on site.

design your own rugs

What do we offer?

Our main product is a 100% wool hand-tufted rug, available in any size from 60cm x 120cm up to 400cm x 600cm, available in 96 colour options. There is a huge choice of designs which you can colour and innovate to suit any room. Because we are dealing directly with the manufacturers in India, there is no middleman, which makes our bespoke prices and quality comparable to typical high street stores. The quality, finish and square metre price of our custom made rugs are often equivalent to, or better than off the shelf rugs offered by household names such as John Lewis and Debenhams.

By styling many of our colours to blend with popular paint brands such as Farrow & Ball, Fired Earth, The Paint Library, Sanderson, Morris & Co and The Little Greene Paint Company. We are confident that we can match up with the latest innovations in colour and design.

It doesn’t stop there. We also understand that essentially you want to see the colours and touch the quality of your new rug before production. Let’s face it, even with the best online custom design software in the world, it is unlikely that computer-generated colour and texture will simulate the actual rug. To that end, we’ve had colour samples produced in the exact quality of the rugs the client receive. Meaning clients can see the texture and colour, match up with colour charts while getting a true feel of the density of the pile of the rug. What we call taking out the guesswork.

Once the client has sized and produced a colour design online, it can be added to the Iwantarug.com shopping cart. The customer will be asked to pay a nominal fee to order the colour and feeler samples. We’ll post the samples and the design for approval before taking pay and ordering the finished rug.

Once the colours and design are confirmed, we send the patterns to India to be reproduced on the CAD (computer-aided design) software. This produces the production pattern template from which the rug is tufted from. The customer is sent emailed this pattern for final approval. Don’t be scared to tweak?

Tweaks to colour and design are an anticipated part of producing a custom-made rug, we encourage customers to talk to us to ensure we produce the perfect rug. We are happy to create images of the final design.

It’s possible the customer has a design idea of their own, that’s not a problem. Simply send us the design idea and we’ll do our very best to reproduce it. Or maybe the client has a business and is looking to create a rug with the company logo, again we thrive on every challenge. Just send us the logo and an idea of the size and shape of the rug you require.

All shapes and sizes

As a bespoke product, we a not simply limited to simple oblongs and circles. We can produce in virtually any shape and size. Contract and architectural

In today's business environment there are so many, weird and wonderful design concepts. Open areas used for seating and waiting particularly take up some unusual shapes. Finding a rug in a shape and size to make those areas feel more welcoming can be a daunting task. At iwantarug.com we relish finding solutions. We like to think out of the box, talk to us, send us your plans, we may just be your answer.

To summarise: At iwantarug.com we offer a colour bank of 96 colourways, we produce competitively priced bespoke rugs that are hand-tufted using 100% wool. The design, size and colouration of the rug are calibrated to suit you. We aim to deliver within 6 weeks of receiving a confirmed order.

Bespoke rugs you can custom make to your size and colour
When buying rugs on the Internet you don't have the ability touch and discuss the various qualities and features of the rug. Our blog is there to give you some of the advice and information that you may need before you complete your purchase. Please take you time to digest the information and if you can't find what you are looking for you can always give us a call on 0191 454 1972 during office hours.

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