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5 Ways to Layer Living Room Rugs

5 Ways to Layer Living Room Rugs

5 Ways to Layer Living Room Rugs

 posted on Sep 21, 2017 by Rug Zone in Advice

Are you having trouble selecting the best living room rug for your home? Perhaps two have caught your eye and you can't decide which way to go.

Well, when done right, you can have both! Don't be afraid to layer your living room rugs for a warm and decadent look.

Let's explore the many ways you can mix and match your living room decor, introducing an array of colourful and patterned possibilities.

1. Choose a Natural Base

Starting with a natural colour for your base layer leaves you plenty of wiggle room for the top layer. A nice jute rug is just the ticket for the foundation of your layering adventures.

Then, base your top layer on the furniture in your room. If your furniture is neutral, use this as an opportunity to pop in some colourful and bold patterns.

If your furniture is already bright and colourful, then select a top layer that's one solid colour or minimally patterned.

The key here is to make sure you select living room rugs with similar details, colours or materials.

At the very least, keep your eye on one colour. Make sure one common colour weaves through each of your chosen layers.

2. Position Your Living Room Rugs Properly

Now that you have some lovely selections in hand, let's discuss their placement. Think of things from the perspective of the living room's perimeter and your furniture's feet.

That is, make sure the edges of the base layer of your living room rug are at least 12-14 inches from the room's perimeter.

The same goes for your top layer rug. Make sure the edges of that top layer are about 12 inches from the edges of its base layer.

Most interior decorators will tell you they cringe at the sight of living room rugs centred under a coffee table and nothing else.

They usually want to see an area rug laying underneath at least a portion of the surrounding living room furniture.

More specifically, make sure the front legs of your furniture are on top of your living room rugs. Better yet, choose a rug that will allow the back legs to sit upon it, too.

This style tip is nice because it also provides a soft landing for everybody's feet.

3. Have Fun with Hide

Faux hide, that is! Zebra print will immediately bring a bold and exotic twist to your living room decor.

Hide living room rugs do a couple of things. First, they put you at the top of the interior design trend list.

You already entered that top tier when you decided to layer your living room rugs. But, now, spicing it up with a hide rug illustrates a keen sense of design.

Second, their irregular shape and size make them the perfect top layer for your neutral base.

Rectangle on top of rectangle is a common layering practice. However, hide prints tend to come in unusual shapes and sizes, making them dance atop your neutral base colour with character and flair.

Shaggy rugs are the kings of layering, too. Their fluffy demeanour is all but made to sit atop layers of living room rugs.

Best of all, its plain white personality makes room for a canny switch.

With a white, fluffy shag, you can steer clear of a neutral undertone and set it atop a bit more colour or texture.

4. Go Bohemian

Okay, are you ready to get funky?

In this setting, think patchwork. A couple of Persian of Moroccan flat-weave rugs can create a bohemian oasis for the eyes (and feet).

All you have to do is make sure their edges are overlapping. And you can vary the amount of each edge that's covered by its neighbouring puzzle piece.

That said, this is the style you want to be very careful about. Since we're living on the edge and mixing bold patterns here, make sure you stick to a limited colour palette such as raspberry or blue.

It can't be stated enough. If you're ready to commit to the Persian or Moroccan theme, make sure one common colour weaves through each colourful piece. This will ensure cohesion throughout the integration of your bold patterns.

Rug pads are kind of "yesterday" but, in this instance, you'll want to use rug pads to lock these puzzle pieces together (and make sure nobody goes sliding across your puzzle board).

5. Triple Your Fun!

At this point, we've spent a lot of time layering two living room rugs. And that's generally a good starting point for your adventures in layering.

However, you can also go for three. If you're standing at the entrance to your living room, plan your triple layering action from neutral, to bold, to colourful.

That is, place your neutral layer first, cover its upper corner with something bolder, and finish the third layer with something colourful or patterned.

That last colourful or patterned piece should fit under the front feet of your loveseat or reading chair. Even better, see if it can stretch all the way to the back feet of whatever sofa or chair it's nestling underneath.

All this planning will keep your living room open and airy, and prevent the danger of overstuffing your space.

Final Thoughts

Do what makes you happy!

It's you who'll walk on these living room rugs every day. Choose colour selections and patterns that will make you smile when you walk into your living room.

In the end, layering actually saves you money. Wall-to-wall carpeting comes at a price. Layering a few low-cost pieces together covers your floors efficiently and colourfully.

Best of all, should you ever grow weary of your carpeting, layering allows you to make changes over time.

If you ever outgrow the zebra vibe, you can slip a nice Persian into its place.

Here at RugZone, we've got all your layering needs covered. From neutral to colourful, we'll help you layer your living room stylishly and comfortably.

Come visit our showroom! We'd be delighted to give you a tour of our eclectic selections.

When buying rugs on the Internet you don't have the ability touch and discuss the various qualities and features of the rug. Our blog is there to give you some of the advice and information that you may need before you complete your purchase. Please take you time to digest the information and if you can't find what you are looking for you can always give us a call on 0191 454 1972 during office hours.

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