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Make a Statement with Furniture

Make a Statement with Furniture

Ways to Make a Statement with Furniture

 posted on Aug 3, 2014 by Rug Zone in Advice, Information

Beautiful, classic furniture pieces can either go to waste or really be utilised to make a powerful statement in the home. There are several items to invest in that can really revolutionize the appearance of your home which will stand the test of time and transform your home into an ethereal sanctuary. Here are a few suggestions to make a statement with your furniture showing that a simple, one-time purchase can really make a dramatic, long-term difference:

· A large, luxury rug makes a huge statement. They can add an allure of heat and warmth to a home, detracting from plain, dull wooden flooring. Rugs can really transform the entire ambience of a room and can create a designated area for relaxation or fine dining or for various other forms of congregation. The versatile range of designs and patterns available mean that patterned, exotic rugs, themed rugs, shaggy rugs and many others can be used in any sized room for a big impact.

· Impressive wall tapestries add a point of interest and can create an atmosphere of glamour, exoticism or simplicity whilst also reflecting something of importance to the owner. Religious and spiritual tapestries work well as do beautiful landscapes and classic patterns. There are literally countless options to choose from and if wall space is limited, you can invest in a smaller sized tapestry that does not dominate the room. · Classic antiques such as stunning grandfather clocks create a timeless, grand feel and are a real talking point with visitors. Small spaces with a focus on simplicity can be brought to life by such a staple and as with all things vintage, ancient family heirlooms and stunning old finds are bang on trend.

· Placing furniture in the centre of a room utilizes space and creates a gathering area where the focus can be on entertaining and socialising.

Other powerful pieces include a vast assortment of cabinets in a variety of styles to display precious ornaments, large mirrors which add elegance and vases to decorate the home with flowers for a relaxing, calming space.

Pictures, paintings, chandeliers and candelabras add a sparkle of old word romanticism to any room. If you are an avid reader, book cases don’t just provide storage but can be a really eye-catching addition to a room.

Once you invest in a beautiful piece, it really will be the gift that keeps on giving; drawing much deserved attention to the rooms of your house.

Ways to Make a Statement with Furniture
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