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Wool Rugs the benefit of beauty

Wool Rugs the benefit of beauty

Wool Rugs the benefit of beauty

 posted on Feb 6, 2015 by Rug Zone in Advice
Wool Rugs the benefit of beauty

Wool rugs are a great way to bring real luxury to a room, having a dense pile and keeping their good looks for many years. Although there are a few rules for caring for your new wool rug, don’t be put off because by taking just a little more care when cleaning your rug, it will last for ages and will always bounce back, with no flattened pile as sometimes happens with cheaper fibres.

Simple maintenance for wool rugs

The best way to keep your wool rug looking like new is to clean them regularly. Letting the dirt get ingrained can result in the fibres getting cut by sharp grit or accretions so the best plan is to vacuum at least several times a week, more often if they are in high traffic areas. Wool rugs can sometimes lose their bounce if vacuumed with the beater bars on, so if you can disable them on your vacuum cleaner, so much the better. If you can’t, then use the hose and a separate head – it may seem a bit of a kerfuffle, but it is worth it to keep your wool rug looking top notch. If you have a spill, mop it up at once; scrape up any solids if it isn’t all liquid. Never soak your wool rug and be gentle if using steam. Everything in moderation should be your watchword when dealing with your rugs day to day.

Spring cleaning tasks

Every now and again, a rug made with wool will benefit from a good shake and a gently beating out of doors. Obviously, only do this if the rug is small enough to handle, but if you can manage it it really will improve the pile and extend the life of the rug. It will dislodge all the dust and grit that clogs the pile and also will rid your wool rug of any pests which may be lurking down close to the backing which vacuuming alone can miss. Not only that, but it will also freshen it up to have a shake in the open air – if you can leave it for a while it will smell clean and natural when you bring it back in; even wool rugs like to see the sky from time to time!

Cosy for the toes

In the bedroom too, wool rugs are really so luxurious, having one next to the bed is almost a must, but don’t stop there. If you do a lot of work at the computer, having one underfoot is a real pleasure and you won’t suffer from cold feet either. A wool rug in front of your sofa or favourite chair will mean that winter cold won’t affect you because it will insulate you from even the chilliest floor. Wool rugs come in all shapes and sizes, so you will certainly be able to find exactly what you want and in a colour to suit you too.

When buying rugs on the Internet you don't have the ability touch and discuss the various qualities and features of the rug. Our blog is there to give you some of the advice and information that you may need before you complete your purchase. Please take you time to digest the information and if you can't find what you are looking for you can always give us a call on 0191 454 1972 during office hours.

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