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Makeovers made easy – and cheap – with a centrepiece rug

 posted on Aug 5, 2013 by Rug Zone in Advice
Makeovers made easy – and cheap – with a centrepiece rug

Styles of decor vary but many people nowadays are tending towards a minimalist approach, with no clutter and few ornaments or pieces of fiddly furniture such as side tables and stools. While this can look very stylish, after a while it can come to seem rather bleak and so a little more comfort or a splash of colour is a good way of making a pared down interior look more luxurious. A large rug, whether traditional or modern, can give an air of comfort which many minimalist rooms lack.

If you are planning a makeover with a centrepiece rug the trick is to buy a large rug if there is the space for it because if you have a small rug in a large space it will look skimpy. Although you can buy rug anti slip spray from www.rugzone.co.uk it is always safer to have a rug that fits the space, as there is then less possibility of trips and slips. If your room is basically monochrome, one single block of colour from a modern rug is very striking and you can use colour very effectively and cheaply by buying a coloured rug to change to ‘temperature’ of the room .

If you want to warm the room up, terracotta rugs are really excellent at achieving this. Many people feel that red is the hottest colour but reds are notoriously difficult to use in decorating because different shades tend to clash. Terracotta is not only in the warm spectrum but also brings back memories of sun-warmed bricks and Mediterranean holidays. If you want to cool a room down, then a blue rug (or green, in the teal spectrum) will do the job for you.

A centrepiece rug can also use a motif or design to draw the eye and in this case you can use neutral colours. This keeps a monochrome room simple but does give some comfort underfoot and also breaks up simple shapes in an interesting way. Many of the traditional rugs from Rug Zone at New Image Carpets come in very cool beiges and ‘faded’ pinks and browns, which are very restful on the eye and go beautifully with pale woods and understated pastel walls. These rugs also wear very well in high traffic areas as they do not show the dirt as a plain rug would. The shorter pile of a traditional rug does not show tracks either, so in a busy room they are ideal.

Quick makeovers using colour - bright rugs can transform your home

 posted on Jul 23, 2013 by Rug Zone in Advice

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