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Ways to Make a Statement with Furniture

 posted on Aug 3, 2014 by Rug Zone in Advice, Information

Beautiful, classic furniture pieces can either go to waste or really be utilised to make a powerful statement in the home. There are several items to invest in that can really revolutionize the appearance of your home which will stand the test of time and transform your home into an ethereal sanctuary. Here are a few suggestions to make a statement with your furniture showing that a simple, one-time purchase can really make a dramatic, long-term difference:

· A large, luxury rug makes a huge statement. They can add an allure of heat and warmth to a home, detracting from plain, dull wooden flooring. Rugs can really transform the entire ambience of a room and can create a designated area for relaxation or fine dining or for various other forms of congregation. The versatile range of designs and patterns available mean that patterned, exotic rugs, themed rugs, shaggy rugs and many others can be used in any sized room for a big impact.

· Impressive wall tapestries add a point of interest and can create an atmosphere of glamour, exoticism or simplicity whilst also reflecting something of importance to the owner. Religious and spiritual tapestries work well as do beautiful landscapes and classic patterns. There are literally countless options to choose from and if wall space is limited, you can invest in a smaller sized tapestry that does not dominate the room. · Classic antiques such as stunning grandfather clocks create a timeless, grand feel and are a real talking point with visitors. Small spaces with a focus on simplicity can be brought to life by such a staple and as with all things vintage, ancient family heirlooms and stunning old finds are bang on trend.

· Placing furniture in the centre of a room utilizes space and creates a gathering area where the focus can be on entertaining and socialising.

Other powerful pieces include a vast assortment of cabinets in a variety of styles to display precious ornaments, large mirrors which add elegance and vases to decorate the home with flowers for a relaxing, calming space.

Pictures, paintings, chandeliers and candelabras add a sparkle of old word romanticism to any room. If you are an avid reader, book cases don’t just provide storage but can be a really eye-catching addition to a room.

Once you invest in a beautiful piece, it really will be the gift that keeps on giving; drawing much deserved attention to the rooms of your house.

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Inexpensive Home Décor Ideas

 posted on Jul 26, 2014 by Rug Zone in Advice
Inexpensive Home Décor Ideas

Everyone is feeling the squeeze at the moment, and usually the first thing we abandon is the home. Considered too much of an expensive investment, home renovations are put on hold, overtaken by holidays, car maintenance and other important matters. But there are so many ways to spruce up home décor on a budget, so you can improve all areas of your life!

Your home is where you spend most of your time. You use it to relax and wind down after a hard day’s work, you use it to make memories with friends and family. It is important you feel happy in your home, and that it always reflects your current state of mind and stage of your life. People generally like to update at least one room a year, but this doesn’t mean spending hundreds of pounds and changing absolutely everything. Inexpensive revamps are easy and won’t break the bank – check out these interior design ideas.

Wall Art

Bored of the colour you chose for the walls a decade ago? Want a feature wall or a vibrant pattern but can’t afford to redecorate? Wall stickers or adhesive wall art is definitely the logical choice. There are now so many companies which offer a variety of wall stickers, and they create a huge impact. From decorative designs to inspiring words of wisdom, wall art can transform a room and is extremely cost effective.


Is your sofa lacking the beautiful exterior it once had? Have the dining room chairs gone out of fashion? Don’t start shopping for brand new furniture; just search for new fabrics you’d like to scatter around the home. With a simple bit of upholstering, or changing the covers on existing cushions, the whole room can come alive.


Once again, if you’re feeling unhappy with your flooring or carpet at the moment, there is no need to rip it all up and start again. If you’re revamping on a budget, simply look to cover up an area you dislike with a rug. Rugs are not only practical they can be a statement feature in a room, bringing a pop of colour or a contemporary design.


Lighting is solely responsible for evoking a mood in the home, which is why simple changes have maximum effect. Installing a dimmer switch on the mains lighting or investing in a few modern lamps can really change the atmosphere is any room. Don’t believe us? Try it out!

Why do hotels choose traditional design runners?

 posted on Jul 13, 2014 by Rug Zone in Advice
Why do hotels choose traditional design runners?

Hotels sometimes have a design theme which ties them in to a specific colourway – budget hotels in particular tend to do this – and this can be very effective and is good for branding. Independent hotels, though, do rather rely on the tried and tested, not wanting to go far down the road of trendy design for the sake of it and so they do usually choose traditional design carpet runners. Runners are popular with householders too because they can be used in such a wide variety of ways, whether to tie the décor of several areas in a home together or to hide a worn carpet.

Hotels have the room for some long traditional runners

Although traditional runners are popular choices for houses, hotels can really show them off to their best advantage because they normally have much bigger rooms and longer corridors. One of the beauties of traditional runners is that there are several ‘repeats’ of the design so you really get the full benefit of what the craftsmen had in mind. Although there are a number of patterns laid down by tradition, many traditional rugs, whilst still having an essentially traditional look, have been modernised and adapted to meet not only modern tastes but also modern techniques which do not necessarily lend themselves to minute detail.

Spot the deliberate mistake

When all Persian rugs were knotted by hand, the weaver would usually add a deliberate mistake somewhere in the pattern, because only Allah is perfect. Although traditional rugs available at budget prices from Rug Zone nowadays are not hand knotted this tradition is still often followed by the designers and it can be fun looking for this mistake which can be obvious or sometimes very well hidden. If walking along a traditional runner in a hotel it may be best to not look too closely, in case you bump into someone on the same quest walking the other way, but if you find yourself sitting safely in a room with a traditional runner through it, it can give you an absorbing ten minutes. Not all traditional runners are Persian in influence, of course. Some are Chinese and yet others borrow from the Navajo tradition and have very bold colours, which look very elegant in the setting of a hotel, where they can be used to make a strong statement in a more spacious setting than most homes can provide.

The fast and the fluffy – adrenaline pumping shaggy rugs

 posted on Jul 8, 2014 by Rug Zone in Advice, News, Information, Quickfire's Guides
The fast and the fluffy – adrenaline pumping shaggy rugs

If you are looking for an understated and traditional room – don't choose a shaggy rug! If, on the other hand, you are looking for something fun and funky, then a shaggy rug is really the business. They come in a riot of colours and if you have a browse on the Rug Zone website you are certain to find just what you need. They go well in bedrooms but more and more people these days are using them in the lounge or dining room because they give an immediate luxurious but mildly whacky look.

Shaggy rugs in zinging colours

If you have teenagers in the house who are growing out of their childhood bedroom decor but aren’t ready to grow up quite yet, a shaggy rug in a bright colour makes the transition easily. You can even stick with the blue for a boy, pink for a girl tradition by choosing electric blue and fuchsia pink, both of which can knock your eye out and don't look childish at all. If you are not ready to repaint throughout, a shaggy rug is a good answer because it makes a statement without costing a fortune. Shaggy rugs also come in different textures, so you can go for sparkly for a girl without having to choose the slightly obvious pink – a champagne coloured shaggy rug looks very sophisticated in a girl’s room, but fun.

Shaggy rugs to pep up a lounge

Although shaggy rugs are a little too wild and woolly to be truly sophisticated, they can still look very stylish if they are used as an accent rug or chosen in neutral or natural shades. For a lounge they are best if chosen in as large a size as the room will take; smaller ones dotted around can work but the larger size rugs are best because then they don't look so ‘bitty’. With their slightly ragged outline, small shaggy rugs dotted about can end up just looking untidy. A natural coloured rug in a two tone Wilton weave or made of leather and suede brings texture and depth which gets more interesting as the pile is trodden. It is not hard to keep them looking good – a shaggy rug benefits from a good shake now and then, if it is small enough and the pile bounces straight back up.

If spring is for cleaning, keep the summer simple with a new rug

 posted on Jul 7, 2014 by Rug Zone in Advice, Information

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