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Your lounge deserves a quality rug

 posted on Jul 4, 2014 by Rug Zone in Advice

Most people spend a reasonable amount of time relaxing in their lounge and yet it is often the last room to get any attention when it comes to decorating. Kitchens and bathrooms can cost so much to make-over that the poor old lounge gets forgotten. It seems a shame, when with a few small touches, like a good quality rug, your lounge can be somewhere you love to relax in – to lounge in, in fact!

Hardwearing Luxury Shaggy Rugs

Depending on whether your lounge is a thoroughfare or not, a rug in there can come in for a lot of wear. Using rugs to dress a main walk-through makes a lot of sense, because they are easier to clean than a whole carpet and also, of course, much easier and cheaper to replace. A quality rug will withstand a whole lot of wear and tear before that day comes, though – just make sure that you have adequate grippers to stop it slipping as people in a hurry don't always watch their feet.


If your lounge is not a busy corridor between other rooms, you can go for the frankly luxurious. The New Vega shaggy rug in a lovely shiny twist yarn makes a wonderful centrepiece and it is great for wiggling your toes in on a cold winter’s evening. Using a bright primary colour is also a great way of bringing some zing to your lounge but the main thing about choosing rugs for the lounge is that you should go for quality. Your style for your lounge decor is probably pretty fixed and so a rug from the higher price range is well worth buying; Rug Zone’s prices are the best around, so by buying from their top range you know you have a seriously quality rug that would cost much more elsewhere.

Choose from the comfort of your lounge

The great thing about buying your rug from Rug Zone is you don't even have to leave home. All you need do is go to the website on your PC, laptop, tablet or phone and scroll through the great range of quality rugs on offer. You could even check colours against the room (although monitors do vary in how they express colour, it will give the rough idea) and the sizes are all clearly shown, so you can pace it out for fit. A quality rug for your lounge at budget prices and all delivered next day – perfect!

Where else would you use hall runners?

 posted on Jun 3, 2014 by Rug Zone in Advice, Information

Traditional Hall RunnerRugs can be a way of life and when it comes to choosing the right one for your target room or area, you can often get a little confused. Something like a shaggy pile rug can go almost anywhere, but they usually end up in the bedroom, for some unknown reason! And then there are the circular rugs that are equally at home in the living room or the dining area. But the real chameleon of the rug world simply has to be the good old hall runner.

Hallways of course!

Perhaps the name kind of gave it away, but hall runners are most often used for our hallways. Also known as carpet runners, these offer a fantastic solution for the long narrow passages that connect or rooms and usually lead to an exterior door. Hall runners are excellent at dealing with any unwanted debris that may be walked into the house unawares. They also lend a lovely tone to the interior space and offer a rather welcoming sight to visitors and family.


You may have a room with a hardwood or stone floor that needs a little rug loving? Instead of a circular or rectangle rug placed in the centre of the floor, why not use a hall runner to create a walkway that goes right through the room in question? Of course, it would be ideal to connect two entry points and you could even go for a little red number for that Hollywood style big entrance we all love to make!

And maybe…

When you creep out of bed on a chilly morning, wouldn’t it be nice to have your feet caressed by a warm and inviting surface? Instead of your smart but cold hardwood floor, the hallway runner can offer a very slick looking feature that also helps you get ready for the big wide world. If you conservatory is looking a little austere during those winter months, lay down a comfortable hall runner and you can almost see summer around the corner.

Rug Zone

These guys are the ones to talk to when you have decided to take a closer look at the versatile and effective hall runners. They have an extensive choice and are experts in this field, and there are not too many established online suppliers who can say that they know all there is to know about rugs. Well there may be a few, but most of them are telling rug shaped fibs!

The designers dilemma: Laughing in the face of diversity

 posted on May 20, 2014 by Rug Zone in Advice, Information
The designers dilemma: Laughing in the face of diversity

Being spoilt for choice is not a term that we like to use lightly, especially where flooring medium is the topic of the day. But is there any other term that can do justice to the sheer amount of rug types you can pick from for your own home’s flooring possibilities?

Why so many?

Rugs not only come in a myriad of attractive shapes and sizes, there are also many different types that come from all corners of the globe. Okay, a low quality furniture shop will probably only have the dregs on offer, but when you shop at a specialist, you will see exactly where we are coming from here. Somewhere like Rug zone will give you so many options that you may well come away with a rug for every day of the week.

Contemporary choices

Although there is something truly magical about a classic Oriental or Persian rug, not all of us are history fans. And that is why contemporary rugs are so in demand these days. They can come in a myriad of colours and textures and they use manmade fibres as well as pure new wool and stain resistant versions.

Modern or classic?

osing a high quality rug for your living room or bedroom can be a challenge, especially if you are a sucker for a pretty design. Contemporary rugs can cover most of the bases and they even have a number of classic designs that could easily pass for a Persian model on a good day. If you decide to peruse an online rug supplier, someone like Rug Zone, you’d best keep a half an hour free in your diary. Although the website is top notch and ever so easy to navigate, the choice of rugs will make your head spin.

Size matters, or does it?

Picking the perfect contemporary rug for your home usually requires a few dimensions as well as a budget in mind. These rugs can cover the whole room, or simply add a touch of modernism to your stylish floor space. Choose a shape that complements your existing furniture arrangement and make sure that the rest of the family are equally as happy.

Think of a theme

And if you simply must have a David Beckham theme woven into your luxury rug, please spare a thought for those of us who have moved on since he went overseas!

Living on the edge of a shaggy rug

 posted on May 12, 2014 by Rug Zone in Advice
Living on the edge of a shaggy rug

If you can cast your mind back to the era when sideburns were as acceptable as platform shoes and everybody was under the spell of the amazing disco fever, you are definitely thinking of the 1970’s. This was also the era of the shaggy rug, and these bad boys are currently back in style today.

Back in the day

Although we usually think of shaggy rugs as being children of the seventies, they actually have a pedigree that goes way back in time, to the era of the Vikings in fact! The first wave of shaggy rugs were known as Rya rugs and they hailed from the exotic climes of the Ottoman Empire. They were originally brought back to Northern Europe by the Scandinavian marauders we know and love as the Viking mob. Instead of rugs, these tough fellows employed these comfortable products as bed covers instead, and why not?

More than a rug, a statement!

So, fast forward a millennium and a bit and we are seeing more of these hairy fellows in our homes again, that’s the rugs, not the Vikings! The design of shaggy rugs has changed accordingly with the times and they now come in a plethora of shapes and styles. The Scandinavians are now a dab hand at producing Rya style rugs and they have introduced intricate Wilton weaving techniques into the mix with some gorgeous results.

Your shaggy rug story?

For those who have already fallen under the spell of shaggy rugs, where do you choose to lay yours? For many of us devotees, the bedroom simply has to be the place for our Rya masterpiece. But lovers of Austin Powers et al may prefer to have theirs in front of a roaring fire complete with bottles of Babycham rocking the living room. The point is that wherever you decide to spread your hairy slice of rug history, you will always be a part of the shaggy rug brigade and you must never forget that!

And even more good news!

Bargain lovers who have often yearned for a shaggy pile rug of their own have now got something to smile about. Because of the introduction of yarn developments and cheaper rugs shipped in containers, these bad boys are now available at a very cost-effective price. Just imagine, you could have a shaggy rug in each room and just imagine how green with envy your neighbours would be, especially if they are from Scandinavia!

Read more »

If it skids on the floor just get some Cybergold

 posted on May 12, 2014 by Rug Zone in Information
If it skids on the floor just get some Cybergold

Although we haven’t yet met a rug that we didn’t like, when your floors are a little bit on the polished side, it has been known for the rug of your choice to move a little every now and then. This minor dilemma is nothing to worry about because help is at hand, and it’s called Cybergold!

Cyber who?

Lovers of Doctor Who can rest assured that we aren’t discussing those men in aluminium suits, but we are talking about a very slick product that can offer a solution to those rugs that simply can’t stay in one place. This is usually due to the lack of traction that the rug and the hard floor mange to create. But the carpet/rug combination can also throw up a few scenarios where it looks as if they have fallen out, but more of that later!

How does it work?

Well, the developers of Cybergold are very clever fellows who decided to make all rug lovers lives easier, and the product is simply wonderful. You spray the back of your travelling rug with a few blasts of Cybergold and allow it to dry. Once the product is nice and free of moisture, the product becomes totally invisible and then you just lay down your rug exactly where you need it to be.

Can I move it afterwards?

Well of course, we are not talking about superglue here! The treated rug will not slip whatsoever and nether will it go creeping across your carpet as some are prone to do. But should you need to pick up your rug for some logistical changes, you can do so with no bother at all!

What if the rug gets dirty?

Another splendid question, well if you choose to lay your rug in the bathroom, the poor thing will probably need a regular beating and some TLC as well. The great thing about Cybergold is that you can wash it numerous times and the product still goes on to do its magic.

Wonderful stuff, where can I get some CyberGold?

Well, you don’t have to dig for this wonderful product, but you can certainly check out a quality rug supplier such as Rug Zone for your very own anti-skid solution. They offer it at a very reasonable price and a single bottle will cover up to 8 square meters of your favourite flooring medium, and that’ll treat them for life!

Don’t beat yourself up worrying about the cost of your rug

 posted on Apr 27, 2014 by Rug Zone in Advice
Don’t beat yourself up worrying about the cost of your rug

When you decide that your family home is in need of a more versatile, comfortable, and essentially stylish flooring solution, you’ve made the right choice – rugs! They offer all of the sound insulation and luxury underfoot comfort of a standard carpet but also bring a lot more fun into the mix.


Hardwood floors are still a popular choice nowadays but the issues regarding sound pollution and energy efficiency are never too far away. When you add a few rugs into the flooring equation, things start to make sense. The contrast between a hardwood or stone floor and an attractive traditional rug really adds so much value to the way your room looks and feels.


Rugs come in all shapes and sizes and the price range is almost as flexible. But beware of fly by night suppliers who like to pass off a few shoddy rugs as a sideline. Pick a specialist company, someone like Rug Zone, and you will be getting some serious bang for your hard earned buck. They can provide you with a rug that won’t break your budget and will certainly add a real touch of class to whatever room you are thinking about upgrading. Choices Well, what can we say? Except that being spoilt for choice doesn’t even come close to the visual treat you will have when you peruse the full range that Rug Zone have on their website. And whether you decide to go Oriental, Traditional, Shaggy deep pile rug, or even a modern number, they are all here and then some!


A well-chosen rug can have a number of very effective functions in the modern home, as well as adding some very fine form also. If you have a children’s bedroom that needs a little extra padding on the floor, choose from any number of designs that will offer lots of impact safety. But you’ll probably go for a less-adult theme and Rug Zone certainly has a number of favourites that will slide into your little one’s bedroom seamlessly. Rugs can also help to trap those annoying house mites that cause so many allergies these days.

Rug Zone

So, hopefully any fears about the costs of a rug should be well and truly knocked out of the park, because a well-chosen rug offers far more than any other flooring medium and they really are the gift that keeps on giving.

When buying rugs on the Internet you don't have the ability touch and discuss the various qualities and features of the rug. Our blog is there to give you some of the advice and information that you may need before you complete your purchase. Please take you time to digest the information and if you can't find what you are looking for you can always give us a call on 0191 454 1972 during office hours.

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