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A day in the life of a rug addict

 posted on Mar 25, 2014 by Rug Zone in Advice, Information
A day in the life of a rug addict

When you decide to revamp your home’s interior design style, it can be both exciting and challenging for all concerned. But where should you start? For some home improvement fans, you simply must start at the top and work your way down. But for those who really know about style, the flooring area is where it all happens.

Rugs rock!

A perfectly designed home is something that many of us strive for, and when the flooring area is being focussed on, there are a number of choices available. A wooden floor medium is a popular choice, as are tiles and carpets. But if you really want to make a statement that is both bold and contemporary, you need to take a closer look at the world of rugs!

Style and substance

The sheer variety of rugs is one of the reasons why they are so popular today, just look at the Rug Zone website if you need proof. You may enjoy the feel of a shaggy rug under your feet, especially on those chilly mornings. Or maybe you’d prefer to admire your oriental number from the comfort of your sofa?


On a more fundamental level, rugs can be switched from room to room to suit your mood and they are incredibly easy to simply pick up and clean, without any disturbance to the room’s occupants. And did we already mention that Rug Zone will have more designs than you even knew existed?

Bedroom rugs

Installing a hardwood floor medium in your bedroom is certainly a slick approach that seems to be enjoying a renaissance at the moment, but isn’t that floor a little cold first thing in the morning? But you can keep your elegant floor and simply add a sheepskin rug to warm those ‘tootsies’ before facing the new day with a smile on your face.

Hallway solutions

Your hallway can often bear the brunt of heavy traffic, especially when the kids are trudging half of the garden into your home, as they love to do. A carpet may soak up the punishment for a while, but you’ll need to step in with a decent cleaning device on a regular basis. But a hard wearing rug can deal with this manfully and as long as you have a sturdy place to hang your new addition, you can do away with the need for a full on carpet cleaning session.

Rug Zone

So if you fancy looking at some very attractive flooring solutions, you should check out www.rugzone.co.uk today and you may just find that perfect rug for the whole family!

Rugs for your place and place on your rug

 posted on Mar 15, 2014 by Rug Zone in Advice, Information

New York City

Everybody want to be a part of it. It’s the concrete jungle where dreams are made of! It has to be New York.

One of the most special and influential places in the world. A place where everyone has to either live or visit once in their lives… But don’t stay there too long or you’ll become too hard. Our Novelty Rugs pretty much sums new York up. Taxis and buildings. The City that never sleeps truly has some of the greatest attractions in the world, all in one place.

Even one of the greatest films in the world was filmed there and if you weren’t thinking of Home Alone 2 while you were reading that then I must say I’m a little disappointed in you. Oh well, bygones be bygones.

Empire State building, Times Square, Central Park and the Statue of Liberty, just some of the fantastic and fascinating places to visit in the Big Apple.

Everybody wants to go to New York. It holds such a special place in this tiny little world of ours. It might actually be the centre of the earth.

But one thing is for sure… It’s where all the magic happens!

Magic in the form of a rug on your wall or floor… You Decide!

Union Jack

The national flag of the United Kingdom. It’s what brings countries together… (Well, in theory anyways). It was James VI of Scotland where the origin of the Union Jack Flag came from. Coming into power as he gained the Thrones of England and Ireland, he brought the crowns together in one personal union.

The Mixture of the flag is combined by England, Wales Scotland and Ireland. Each part of the flag is as followed… For England and Wales it is St George, the red cross. For Scotland it is the white saltire, representing St Andrew and for Ireland, St Patrick’s flag, the red saltire.

This Flag is also used by the Royal Navy, commissioning Warships and Submarines.

For special occasions such as the Queen’s birthday, the Union Jack flag is flown from the jackstaff.

Camper Van

“Hey Dude!......... Where’s my Camper Van?

The Campervan really came to fame in the 1960’s. Hippies travelled all over the place in them, and pretty much lived in them. It was also popular with many surfers in search of those big waves.

Know as the bus, the production of the VW Volkswagen Campervan is all but over. It is estimated that over 10 million Volkswagen Vans were produced around the world of the past 60 years and have always remained hugely popular because of the driving experience they offer.

Big stars such as Bob Dylan and the Beach Boys, used the Campervan for their album covers. it has also been reported that Steve Jobs, owned a van in the 70’s, but actually sold it to fund a circuit board he used to build a computer, that eventually became Apple.

But our most famous crew of detectives and meddling kids, is of course Scooby Doo and his crew! never solved a mystery without it and never got to a case without it. If it wasn’t for their campervan, a lot of men and women, pretending to be monsters and ghost would have gotten away with their crimes. So Scooby Doo has a lot to owe to the Campervan.

The Van over the years has been given several nicknames, just like the Beetle. Names such as microbus and minibus, but the most famous and popular nickname given to to the van, the Hippie Van, due to the counterculture movement of the 60’s.

The Butterfly

Butterflies are truly beautiful creatures of the Earth. Mainly known as a day flying insect, it’s life cycle consists of four parts in it’s life. From egg to larva, to pupa to Adult.

The earliest known Butterfly is on record being over 45 million years ago.

Some of the species of butterflies are known to be harmful to plants because during their larva stages this can be very harmful to crops. Where as other butterflies help with pollination of some plants and even play a part when they are caterpillars, they eat harmful insects that damage plant life.

Being so colourful, they are often used for paintings and photography as they offer such unique and fascinating pictures for everyone to be in awe of their beauty. But with the Butterfly, comes, the Butterfly Effect. In chaos theory, a flutter of a butterflies wing can cause a tornado halfway around the world. Not sure I believe this one myself, but it makes a for a brilliant concept.

I think the theory behind it is if you change one thing in anything you do, it is more likely to have a different outcome. So it’s more like a ripple effect. Change one thing, change everything.

All About Rugs to Cover a Large Area

 posted on Mar 15, 2014 by Rug Zone in Advice, Information
All About Rugs to Cover a Large Area

Choosing the perfect large rug for your home is something that needs a little thought, but if you have the time to consider just a few issues, you can look forward to a very welcome addition to the family home. Rugs offer so much in the way of visual features with a huge chunk of comfort thrown in for good measure. Here we look at a few tips that could help you pick that special rug for every occasion.

What to Look For

Fairly simple really, because each and every room or target area needs to be measured before you can start looking at designs and textures. Make a list of the dimensions and start to think about the reasons and purposes for each of your future purchases. In a plain room, you should be aiming for a brightly patterned example to bring something extra into the equation. If you are thinking of buying a large rug, ensure there is at least 12 inches between the edge of the rug and the wall. If you are buying a runner rug, ensure that the material can stand up to high traffic volume and whatever dirt and dust is being trodden into the fibre. Think about buying some non-slip strips when attaching your rug to a laminate floor space.

Common Mistakes

Avoid buying a rug that is too large for the room, they look unsightly and can cause trips when not evenly distributed. Shaggy rugs may look cool but they are not suited to dining rooms, especially if you have pets or children. Don’t choose an interior rug for an outside area, because the poor thing will be ruined before the end of the week.

Rug Colours

to choose a colour that compliments rather than clashes with the existing theme. Look at the primary colour scheme and choose a tone that will sit nicely alongside it. If you are in doubt, you can ask one of the sales people for some expert advice on the matter.

Common Area Rug Destinations

The choice is yours, but area rugs go particularly well in the following areas of a typical family home:

  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Master bedroom
  • nursery

For an excellent online shopping experience for your next rug, Rug Zone can offer a myriad of choices that will fit all budgets. Oriental, runner, area and children’s rugs are all catered for, plus some low-cost and budget options for whatever the occasion.

Who Would Win the Oriental Rug World Cup and Why?

 posted on Mar 4, 2014 by Rug Zone in Advice
Who Would Win the Oriental Rug World Cup and Why?

When you think of what makes up a classic Oriental rug, what springs to mind? In fact, the term ‘Oriental’ is no longer a PC term and has been misused and abused in the past, particularly when referring to people. Essentially, this term was originally coined for the East and pretty much everything from that part of the world became labelled as such. However, this article is not concerned with PC issues, but neither does it care for racism. All we are discussing here is where the best Oriental rugs are made!

Moroccan Wool Rugs

These are by far the most contemporary rugs out there and many a holidaymaker has returned with such one of these in tow. They can be used as a luxurious floor covering or you could hang them on the wall as many householders seem to do. Just beware that you know how much you are bidding for, because quite a few tourists have got the shock of their lives when they discovered how much they’ve just offered for the rug in question.

Turkish Rugs

The Turks have been producing quality rugs for at least 800 years and they surely unrivalled for creativity. You can pay many thousands for an authentic Turkish rug, and once you look at the effort that has gone into creating these masterpieces, it is easy to see why.

Afghan Rugs

You may be surprised to learn that this war torn country has a much softer side to it, because the Afghan people know a thing or two about Oriental rug making. They have borrowed the advanced techniques of their Pakistani neighbours and can create something very special indeed.

Persian Rugs

These have probably the most decorated of all pedigrees and have been sold in the West ever since the gateway to the Orient was opened all of those years ago. A well-chosen Persian example is a deft way to invest in a future classic.

Indian Rugs

There are so many different styles of Indian rug that is very hard to pin down the typical design. This places them as far harder to really rate accurately, but probably also means that you could grab a real bargain with a little luck on your side.

And The Winner is…

Well, if you haven’t already guessed, the only winner here is you! Choose wisely and you could have a rug that may become part of your legacy, long after you have shifted your mortal coil.

Choosing a Rug for Your Kid’s Room is as Easy as ABC

 posted on Mar 4, 2014 by Rug Zone in Information
Choosing a Rug for Your Kid’s Room is as Easy as ABC

Shopping for our children can often be a minefield of possible headaches and more than the odd argument, but it needn’t be that way. As long as you do some forward planning and use a little common sense, the whole experience can be rather uplifting. When it comes to choosing a rug for your kid’s bedroom, we can easily cut out a lot of the fuss and tears by following some basic rules. Please check out the rest of this article if you’d prefer smiles to tantrums!


Just look at the size of the room you are dealing with and the ideal rug size should come to mind pretty swiftly. Use a tape measure to mark out the space you want to fill and you’ll be getting there pretty soon. You can also mark out a size up and a size down just in case the store can’t match your original requirements.


Most of us will automatically go for a rectangular shape, but the room may have other ideas. A square rug may suit the floor a little better and you could even consider a novelty shape instead.


If your kid’s room has wooden floors, it may be cool to go for a softer Shaggy rug, as these add a lot of warmth and the contrast creates a nice visual feature. You could use the rug to define a play area in the bedroom, in this instance you should think of a smaller sized option. If your child has a lot of friends coming over to play, choose a more resistant material to deal with the potential traffic.


This is where the fun should really begin, and quite often you can forget about the previous sections altogether. Your child will really want to have some input with regards the design and theme of the rug choice. Just remember that they will be the ones who have to look at the rug each and every day, so let them have some artistic freedom here! It is always better to let them decide, but also be aware that they may get bored of this year’s Toy Story or Ice Age favourite pretty quickly.

Go Shopping!

It’s always best to check your online options before making a final choice. Rug Zone can offer a myriad of fun and practical solutions so why not give their website a good look before hitting the high street?

Read more »

Why Rugs are a Wise Choice for Your Home

 posted on Feb 18, 2014 by Rug Zone in Advice, Information
Why Rugs are a Wise Choice for Your Home

Choosing the best floor surface for your home can sometimes be a bit of a headache, especially if you have a family to consider. And then you and your partner need to agree on the end result, this is always easier said than done. For some people, it simply has to be carpet, even in the bathroom and kitchen. For others, wood is good and anything else is a dust collecting nuisance. So how about a very cool compromise that could suit all purposes? We are talking about rugs here, and how they can be all things to all people. For the purposes of this article we have selected 3 types of rug and offer an unbiased opinion on each of them – Enjoy.

Shaggy Rugs

This type of floor covering often evokes images of the 70’s and an open fire with sideburns and all the trimmings. But if you fast forward three decades, you may see that shaggy rugs still have an awful lot to add to most homes. Just imagine having one of these beasts in your bedroom or in the lounge, spread over a nice wooden floor base. As well as the visual contrast, your feet would also be in for a treat every time you padded across the luxurious deep pile. You can choose from a myriad of styles and there is one to suit all budgets, so what are you waiting for?

Natural Look Rugs

If you have some hardwood or laminate flooring in your home that needs a little protection without losing any style, the natural look rug will be right up your street, or hallway. You could choose from a Basketweave design or perhaps a two tone foliage is more your style? These can be very effective dirt barriers if laid strategically and are very hard wearing despite their beautiful looks.

Kid’s Rugs

You may be surprised when you next check out the awesome designs available from the selection of kids’ rugs that Rug Zone has on offer. From liquorice allsorts to some stunning scenery options, they are all things to all kids. In fact why let them have all the fun? Just take a minute or two and we are sure that you will see something that will look great on your bedroom floor.

Rug Zone

If there is a rug worth looking at, Rug Zone probably has it in stock. Check out the selection and get ready to order something very special indeed.

When buying rugs on the Internet you don't have the ability touch and discuss the various qualities and features of the rug. Our blog is there to give you some of the advice and information that you may need before you complete your purchase. Please take you time to digest the information and if you can't find what you are looking for you can always give us a call on 0191 454 1972 during office hours.

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