Embrace the vintage look with traditional rugs

Rugs are ideal for changing the look of your home instantly, and for a reasonable price. Even the most modern home can be transformed with a strategically placed vintage-look rug. Traditional rugs can add a little sophistication to your living room or bedroom and can really complement antique or oak wood furnishings. They also add a touch of class to a more modern home.


Traditional rugs are made in a predefined set of colours making them more focussed on pattern and design. Colours are usually a mix of blacks, browns and warm reds therefore they are easy to match with your decor. Colours are very traditional and create a warm feel in your living room, hallway or bedroom. The aim of traditional rugs is not to stand out, but to complement the decor in your home. That is not to say they cannot be eye catching; the designs in traditional rugs are intricate and very detailed making them a great centrepiece. Go for neutral reds and browns with traditional oak furnishings or choose a black and cream rug with leather furniture and simple decor.


Designs are varied but have a timeless, classic appearance. General patterns include floral motifs and Victorian style patterns. Each traditional rug has a distinct design making it a unique centrepiece for the living room or hallway. Go for the Classic Oushak rug design for a living room with wooden flooring or go for our Ziegler medallion design with cream and green hues if you have lighter decor. Although some traditional rugs can cost a little extra, they don’t need to break the bank. Some traditional rugs are not costly at all but still have a plush, expensive look due to the intricate design.

Types of traditional rugs

There is a wide variety of traditional rugs to choose from to suit any room of the house. Those with galley kitchens or long hallways may want to break up the flooring with a strategically placed runner with a traditional design. Traditional and oriental rugs come in various sizes so go for a larger rug to bring in a large living room and choose a smaller rug to open up a space. Traditional rugs add a touch of luxury to any room and make your home feel comfortable and welcoming. While modern rugs are ideal for adding a splash of colour or updating old decor, traditional rugs have an elegant feel and timeless designs.

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